Submit Your SIBO Questions

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Submit Your SIBO Questions

Do you have burning questions about SIBO?

As many of you already know, we’ve recently launched the official SIBO Doctor Podcast.  We are now inviting submissions, which will be featured on the SIBO Doctor Podcast.

This will be for an in house session about SIBO testing, with me Carly, in conversation with Dr Nirala Jacobi, the Medical Director of SIBO Test.

We are so passionate about creating a plethora of SIBO resources for you to access, and love to collaborate with practitioners to amplify the sphere of SIBO learning.

Further, we invite you to submit any questions about SIBO that you may have, testing and beyond. We look forward to answering them in future Q & A episodes.

Chat soon!

Carly and the SIBO Test team.



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