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Though most patients improve with the SIBO treatments outlined in Level 1 and 2 of the SIBO Mastery Program, practitioners are often faced with difficult SIBO patients in practice.  

SIBO can be just one layer of a complex case. Multilayered patients can present with SIBO, food and supplement reactions, anxiety, mitochondrial and immune deficits, as well as stealth infections and Dysautonomia.  

In this course, Dr Jacobi presents her approach to untangling this complex web. This course is a deep dive into all the greatest hits of functional gut disorders that often underlie chronic SIBO cases. This course also features 2 interactive live sessions with your presenter Dr Jacobi. 

Propel your knowledge to expert level and feel confident to treat even the toughest gut problems by enrolling in SIBO Advanced Case Management today.  

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What is Covered In This Course 

LESSON 1 Symptom Management: Constipation, bloating, reflux  

The symptoms of SIBO do not always immediately resolve with treatment of bacterial overgrowth. Often, patients want relief sooner. This lesson covers specific treatment of commonly seen SIBO symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and reflux  

Learning objectives: 1. Understand the different treatment options for constipation: laxatives, exercises, enemas, and more 2. Beat the Bloat: Identify and treat the different causes of bloating 3. Learn the techniques of calming the burn of chronic reflux and nausea  

LESSON 2 Healing Leaky Gut, Food Allergies, SIFO  

Patients often develop leaky gut as SIBO can cause intestinal permeability. The resulting translocation of an antigen across the intestinal barriers can cause a cascade of symptoms such as food allergies, skin rashes, and other systemic problems. IN this lesson, the comprehensive treatment of leaky gut as well the treatment of underlying drivers, such as SIFO, is discussed.  

Learning objectives: 1. Master the understanding of leaky gut and its resulting symptoms 2. Food Allergies: when and how to test 3. Understand SIFO and its many ways of manifesting  

LESSON 3: Food Intolerances: Salicylates, Histamine, Sulfur, Oxalates 

Due to the damaging effects of SIBO on the small intestinal lining and microbiome, food intolerances often present in our SIBO patients. This lesson covers the most commonly seen food intolerances and how to treat them in clinical practice.  

Learning objectives: 1. Understand the clinical implications of histamine intolerance 2. Manage salicylates and sulfur intolerances 3. Understand the causes of oxalate sensitivity  

LESSON 4 Large Bowel Imbalances  

While the small intestine is our focus while treating SIBO, we must not forget the large intestine and its contribution to digestive health. Patients frequently present with dysbiotic states in both small and large intestine simultaneously. Microbial imbalances in the colon can cause symptoms similar to SIBO and can contribute to the overall clinical picture. In this lesson, practitioners learn to interpret stool tests and treat common dysbiotic LI patterns as well as restore a healthy microbiome  

Learning objectives 1. Understand stool test interpretation – digestive markers and microbial patters 2. Confidently treat bacterial, fungal, and protozoal overgrowth 3. Restore your patient’s microbiome  

LESSON 5 Chronic SNS activation and the ENS: working with the anxious patient  

The function of the enteric nervous system includes the innervation of the small and large intestine. It is involved in motility, secretions, and pain sensation. This lesson focusses on the “brain in the gut” as well as the role of the autonomic nervous system in the development of digestive disorders. Chronically anxious patients often have a harder time overcoming SIBO and other gut disorders. Learn effective techniques that will help your patient to feel better faster.  

Learning objectives: 1. Understand the role of the vagus nerve and the enteric nervous system 2. Chronic Anxiety and how to cultivate the “Rest and Digest” 3. Understand techniques such as gut-centred hypnotherapy, trauma work, EFT, and more  

LESSON 6 The SIBO Matrix- Understanding the underlying drivers of digestive dysfunction and systemic manifestations  

In this lesson, important aspects of the obstacles to healing are discussed in the context of SIBO such as inflammation, genomic profiles: SNPs, acid-base balance, and detoxification impairments  

Also covered are naturopathic strategies to overcome these obstacles such as hydrotherapeutic home treatment prescriptions to increase the vitality of your patient  

Learning objectives: 1. Understand the drivers of chronic SIBO 2. Recognise the most important genomic contributions to chronic digestive problems 3. Understand the concept of “emunctories” -- Identify and treat detox impairments  

LESSON 7 Overview Syndromes Associated with SIBO: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, POTS, Stealth infections, CIRS  

SIBO can be a consequence, rather than the cause, of chronic disease patterns and syndromes. This lesson provides an overview of commonly seen chronic syndromes that can impair your patient’s healing  

Learning objectives: 1. Identify chronic disease patterns that have SIBO as an underlying driver 2. Understand the complexity of Mast Call Activation Syndrome 3. Learn how chronic systemic infections herald overall immune dysfunction  

LESSON 8 Case Studies  

IN this final lesson, Dr Jacobi highlights concepts learned throughout the course through case studies she’s had over the many years of treating SIBO.  

Learning objectives: 1. See examples of complex cases through real-life case studies 2. Understand how to prioritize your treatment approaches in complex cases 3. Gain a deeper understanding and knowledge beyond the SI.

Your Presenter

Dr Nirala Jacobi

Dr Jacobi is a U.S. trained naturopathic physician with over 20 years clinical experience in treating functional digestive disorders. She has been on multiple online summits and lectures nationally and internationally about the assessment and treatment of SIBO.  

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Each week for 8 weeks, starting Oct 28 2019, you will have access to a new lesson. Week 4 and 8 have a Live Q+A with Dr Jacobi so you can ask your questions as you go through the course.  

Completion of this course, along with completion of Level 1 SIBO Fundamentals and SIBO Masterclasses, will earn you the SIBO Doctor Seal of Approval to proudly display on your website. You will also be listed in our “SIBO Practitioner” Database. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the sessions live or prerecorded? A: Each module of the SIBO Advanced Case Management video training program is prerecorded and released progressively for 8 weeks into your SIBODoctor.com My Courses portal upon successful payment.  

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