SIBO Bi-Phasic Treatment Protocol with Dr Nirala Jacobi - The SIBO Doctor

A 3 Month Treatment Protocol To Heal The Small Intestine 


I first developed the SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet © to simplify my treatment strategies for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

Since then, practitioners from all over the world have approached me to find out more about the protocol that accompanies the diet. 

I am bringing to you my personal go-to treatment plan for my SIBO patients with my new course, the SIBO Bi-Phasic Treatment Protocol©. 

This is your opportunity to learn my tried and proven strategies to treat SIBO using a Bi-Phasic approach including diet, targeted supplements, pre- and probiotics and managing food intolerances.

I've created this course with you in mind, so you can position yourself as a gut health practitioner with excellent treatment results for your patients.

Yours, Dr Nirala Jacobi ND


'It’s estimated that 11% of the population has IBS and 60-70% of that is SIBO. These numbers are astronomical - this is why we need more practitioners skilled in proper SIBO diagnosis & treatment.' - Dr Nirala Jacobi 

A Special Training for Naturopathic Practitioners, GPs, MDs and Allied Health Professionals

This training is for YOU if...

  • You want to be trained in the most successful SIBO treatment. Take back to your practice SIBO treatments, knowledge and expertise that will set you apart as a confident and competent digestive disorder specialist.
  • You need a tried and proven treatment plan to cover all bases. Bring into your practice how to treat SIBO with both conventional and natural treatments and how to spot SIBO in other chronic conditions.
  • You know a little about SIBO but you're overwhelmed with the different treatment options. Receive a step-by-step solution that you can implement in your practice immediately.
  • You've had some successes, but also some failures with your current SIBO treatments. Learn how to change course if your treatment plans are not working and how to construct special treatment plans for your hypersensitive patients or toughest cases. 

'With Nirala’s assistance I’ve been able to find a balanced vibrancy, and feel in control of a medically “unmanageable disease”...I have tried many doctors and specialists before but until I met Nirala, nothing had worked.' - Inge Gallery, Melbourne  

Here's what we'll be covering in the training...

Module 1 • Diagnosing SIBO

Diagnosing SIBO requires understanding of breath test interpretation as well as ancillary lab tests that can provide a deeper understanding to contributing factors. 

In this module, learn which breath tests to recommend for your patient and become skilled with lab interpretation for hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide dominant SIBO. 

Understand when and what peripheral testing you can do to uncover other factors contributing to your patient's symptom picture, with special emphasis on stool test markers and Organic acid tests.

• Which breath tests to order • Review of SIBO breath test results • Additional Lab tests to consider

Module 2 • Reduce and Repair

This module covers the “reduce and repair” phase, which is the first phase of the Bi-Phasic Protocol for SIBO treatment. 

Learn how to reduce bacterial fermentation in your patient and then repair your patient's digestive function and intestinal tract.  

We cover successful treatment strategies to help heal leaky gut and dive into which digestive aid products to prescribe based on your patients reported symptoms and clinical signs.

• The SIBO Terrain - Considering Causes • Phase 1 of the Protocol • Healing inflammation and digestion

Module 3 • Remove and Restore

In this module we explore the “remove and restore” phase of the Bi-Phasic Protocol.  

We will review both conventional antibiotics as well as herbal antimicrobial treatment options for your patients. 

We will also explore prokinetics and when to include them in your protocol, as well as the wide array of uses for herbs in digestive symptom control that you can use to make your patients more comfortable whilst you restore their small intestinal function.

• Phase 2 of the Protocol • Herbal prescriptions in SIBO and SIFO • Conventional Antibiotics and Prokinetics  

Module 4 • Pre - & Probiotics

Often thought to be contraindicated in SIBO, pre- and probiotics have solid evidence for efficacy. The notion of “reseeding” has become outdated. Rather, we now understand that strain-specific probiotics have many diverse effects on the immune system and gastrointestinal function.  

Learn how to choose specific strains for specific complaints in your patients, and when otn to use pre- and probiotics.

• Pre and Probiotics • SIBO-C retraining the sluggish colon • Biofilm treatments  

Module 5 • Food Intolerances

Long standing digestive dysfunction in your patients can lead them to experience common food reactions. 

Learn how to manage your patients' food intolerances using an integrative approach of dietary restrictions and supplemental support.  

In this module, we explore the role of salicylate and oxalate sensitivities and touch on histamine intolerance, a common cause of digestive symptoms.  

• Management of Histamine, salicylate, oxalate, and sulfur sensitivities • Management Phase: How to transition out of the Bi-Phasic Diet

Bonus Module • The Histamine Bi-Phasic Diet

I am excited to finally offer the new Histamine Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol, which has taken a year in the making.  

Use it with your severely histamine intolerant patients and those suffering Mast cell activation syndrome.  

As a preliminary step before the SIBO Bi-phasic diet, the Histamine Bi-Phasic Diet protocol removes histamine as well as histamine liberating foods.  

In this bonus module, Dr Jacobi is joined by the co-author of this diet, SIBO Specialist Dietician Heidi Turner.  

Your Training Presenter

Dr Nirala Jacobi (USA), BHSc ND Dr. Nirala Jacobi graduated from Bastyr University in 1998 with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. She practised as a primary care physician in Montana for 7 years before arriving in Australia. Nirala is considered one of Australia’s leading experts in the treatment of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), a common cause of IBS. She is the medical director for SIBOtest, an online testing service for practitioners. She is so passionate about educating practitioners that she founded “The SIBO Doctor”, an online professional education platform. She lectures nationally and internationally about the assessment and treatment of SIBO and is the host of the popular podcast The SIBO Doctor podcast for practitioners. She is the medical director and senior naturopathic physician at The Biome Clinic, center for functional digestive disorders in Mullumbimby, New South Wales.

Our offer to YOU

SIBO Bi-Phasic Protocol Course Offer

Here's Everything You Will Receive

  • The SIBO Bi-Phasic Treatment Protocol online course with over 7 hours of Dr Nirala Jacobi's proven treatment strategies [VALUE $300]
  • Transcripts of every lesson in PDF format [VALUE $180]
  • Certificate of Course Mastery to verify your new skills and knowledge
  • Access to the Facebook SIBO Doctor Practitioner Forum

PLUS receive these Special Bonuses

  • BONUS #1 The Histamine Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol, presented as a bonus module with co-author SIBO Specialist and Dietician Heidi Turner. [VALUE $97]
  • BONUS #2 Pre-recorded Q&A of pracitioners discussing The Bi-Phasic Treatment Protocol with Dr Nirala Jacobi [VALUE $200]
  • BONUS #3 Continuing Professional Education Points [VALUE $180] for Australia + USA + Canada

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Train in the #1 SIBO Treatment Protocol Finally solve your complex SIBO cases

What SIBO Specialists Say...

"I am forever grateful for the abundance of information Dr Nirala Jacobi generously delivers on the topic of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. I have thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy the content of all her learning platforms - podcast, online programs, group mentoring etc. As this condition evolves I feel supported and confident that the information Nirala delivers is current and well researched. It's also an absolute god-send that Nirala conveniently conducts SIBO breath testing at her premises and has Emily, her wonderfully helpful and knowledgable staff on hand. Thank you Nirala and Emily, I am so grateful for your wisdom and desire to support fellow health practitioners" Lynda Griparic, Naturopath. 

"Just wanted to touch base to let you know I ‘binge listened’ to your podcast over the weekend while painting my house and found it fabulous! I particularly loved the episode with Dr Donna Beck on salicylates, as this is something I deal with in the clinic. I really love how the podcast is aimed at practitioners so we can take so much from it and expand our own toolbox. Your passion for treating the gut was so great to hear as myself and my fellow nutritionist here at the clinic are very similar and get lost in conversations that would bore others to tears!" Jessica Cox, Nutritionist  

SIBO Doctor's Commitment to YOU

Our commitment is to provide you with high-quality education on Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth that you can bring into your practice. SIBO Doctor's mission is to provide quality, professional training on functional gut issues and to continually update our training so that it offers you front-line education. 

You've got questions? WE'VE GOT ANSWERS

When will the course start? The course is online - so you can complete it at your own pace. You will have access to the course for a year from purchase.

How is this different from other SIBO courses? The SIBO Bi-phasic Treatment Protocol Course differs from other courses in that it is Dr Jacobi’s personal treatment experience that will be taught. This course is highly clinically relevant and you will leave with tools to implement into your clinic immediately  

Do I need any experience to join this course? This course is at practitioner level. If you are not a practitioner, you may still take the course but a basic understanding of SIBO etiology and physiology is recommended.

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