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This is for YOU if...

  • You recently completed antibiotics, or suffer from chronic food intolerances.
  • You know there's a lot to learn about our microbiome but don't know where to start in how to apply the research.
  • You're confused about all the different diets and how they affect the overall bacterial health of your microbiome.
  • You want to learn about interpretation of microbiome test results.
  • You want to understand more about targeted pre- and probiotic prescriptions. 
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Clear explanation and graphs explain the cutting-edge science behind this revolutionary approach to health and disease - the human microbiome.

"Become confident in understanding the gut microbiota that are so important for you to manage your own health."

Here's What YOU WILL RECEIVE in Your Training

Course Overview

Lesson 1

Meet Your Microbiome

Learn about the far-reaching health effects of the microbiome and how it influences mood, weight, your hormones and immune system and much more. What are “Symbionts” and Pathobionts”, and why balance matters.

Lesson 2

Assessing Your Microbiome

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Which microbiome testing I recommend so you can be absolutely precise with your microbiome regrowing strategy

Lesson 3

What Harms Your Microbiome?

This lesson specifically focuses on microbiome harm reduction - from diet factors, avoidance of specific toxins and medications, stress, and pathogens - knowing how to avoid harmful substances is as important as the “re-growing” phase.

Lesson 4

How to Weed, Seed, Feed Your Garden

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What to do when “bad bacteria” outnumber the “good bacteria” and toxic inflammatory metabolites are affecting your health. Get specific recommendations for hydrogen sulfide, LPS, histamine, and methane– including diet strategies, pre and probiotics, and when to consider antimicrobials

Lesson 5

The Healthy Microbiome Diet

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Turbocharge your microbiome regrowth with specific dietary suggestions based on the latest scientific research. How to make healthy, fiber rich foods more digestible.

PLUS Receive These Special Bonuses

BONUS #1 • Restore Your Microbiome Handbook PDF

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Receive Dr Jacobi's microbiome good bacteria boosting recipes and protocols for fighting pathobionts you need to know, and tips for boosting healthy population parameters. This handbook will help you interpret microbiome test results and know what direction to go to rebalance and restore your gut microbiome. 

BONUS #2 • Microbiome Dispensary Guide

DIspensary Guide

Dr Jacobi's specific supplement recommendations for your specific microbiome pattern, whether you live in the United States, Europe, or Australia.

BONUS #3 • Special Podcast: Restore Your Microbiome

SIBO Doctor Approved icon

Dr Jacobi in conversation with a leading microbiome expert paints a complete picture on today's microbiome testing and interpretation of your test results.

BONUS #4 • Questions and Answers: Dr Nirala Jacobi

Dr Nirala Jacobi

Dr Nirala Jacobi addresses questions from the online community about microbiome restoration and the many health challenges people are facing when their microbiome is imbalanced. Recorded.

Here's Everything You Will Receive

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  • The Microbiome Restoration Course with over 5 hours of recorded lessons with Dr Nirala Jacobi [VALUE $300]
  • Microbiome Dispensary Guide [VALUE $150]
  • Restore Your Microbiome Handbook PDF - [VALUE $50]

PLUS receive these Bonuses

  • BONUS #1 Q&A recorded with Dr Nirala Jacobi. [VALUE $100]
  • BONUS #2 microbiome pathobionts and symbionts you need to know and their healthy population parameters as a PDF. [VALUE $150]
  • ACCESS to Dr Jacobi's Gut Recovery Private Facebook Group  

Total Value Of This Offer: $750