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πŸ‘‰ Are you seeing complex digestive disorders in your clinical practice? Have you been searching for credible information about SIBO, the SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet, Elemental Diet, pharmaceutical and herbal microbials, and prebiotics and probiotics in the clinical treatment of SIBO/IBS?  

This introductory course is intended for all Health Practitioners new to the testing, diagnosis, and treatment of SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. 

This is Level 1 of the SIBO Mastery Program, the first step on the path to SIBO Doctor certification, and it is strongly suggested to complete this course before enrolling in Level 3 - the SIBO Advanced Case Management course.

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#1 You are a Health Care Practitioner or Student #2 You see SIBO/IBS Patients in your Clinic #3 You Want to Become A SIBO Expert


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The Fundamentals of SIBO What is Covered In This Course

Lesson 1 What is SIBO: Pathophysiology, Clinical Presentation, and Diagnosis  

Explore the pathophysiology, signs, and symptoms of SIBO as well as risk factors for the development of this condition. 

Understanding the patterns, presentations, and diagnosis of SIBO is discussed in the context of the hydrogen/methane breath test. 

Hydrogen sulfide SIBO, a relative newcomer in the field of SIBO, will also be discussed.  

Learning objectives βœ” Evaluate the clinical presentation of a SIBO patient βœ” Learn to identify SIBO risk factors and underlying predisposing factors for the development of SIBO βœ” Accurately predict different types of SIBO based on breath test result as well as signs and symptoms  

Lesson 2 The Comprehensive Treatment of SIBO  

Lesson 2 is all about the treatment approaches for the different types of SIBO we've learned about in Lesson 1.  

We explore the SIBO diet and how to effectively use the Bi-Phasic Diet as a tool to manage different stages of treatment. Also discussed are antimicrobial therapies (herbal, conventional, and elemental diet) as well as other specific products often found useful in the treatment of SIBO. 

Learning objectives  

βœ” Understand the use of the SIBO diet and why it differs from a low FODMAP diet βœ” Understand how to use herbal antimicrobials as well as conventional antibiotics found to be effective in different types of SIBO βœ” Understand when to prescribe the Elemental Diet as an antimicrobial treatment βœ” Pre and probiotics, biofilm products, and specific nutrients and their role in SIBO treatment βœ” Practitioners will have access to the newly updated online DIspensary Guide to help with product selections 

Lesson 3 Identifying Underlying Causes of SIBO to Prevent Relapse  

In this lesson, we deep dive into the 4 different categories of underlying causes of SIBO:  

βœ” Motility disorders βœ” Digestive Deficits βœ” Obstructions βœ” Medications  

Understanding the underlying drivers of a patient's cause of SIBO is a practitioner's most powerful tool to prevent the frequent relapse of SIBO as well as avoid unnecessary medications and supplements. Many conditions can affect the motility of the upper gut, thereby causing SIBO to occur. Learn about common causes of dysmotility, as well as resetting vagal function. Also discussed are prokinetic medications that aim to reset the motility of the upper gut.  

Participants will be able to download the clinical tool "What caused my SIBO" Questionnaire for use with their patients.  

Learning objectives: βœ” Understand how to use the "What caused my SIBO" Questionnaire βœ” Understand the 4 different categories of underlying causes of SIBO βœ” When to use and when NOT to use prokinetics in SIBO βœ” Long term management to prevent relapse  

Your Presenter 

Dr Nirala Jacobi 


Dr Jacobi is a U.S. trained naturopathic physician with over 20 years clinical experience in treating functional digestive disorders. She has been on multiple online summits and lectures nationally and internationally about the assessment and treatment of SIBO.  

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Here's Everything You'll Receive



βœ” Online Access for 1 year βœ” Dr Jacobi's Online Dispensary Guide βœ” All Patient Handouts PDFs βœ” Downloadable Slides PDFs  

βœ” Certificate of Completion βœ” CPE Points (check with your Association) βœ” BONUS: Histamine Bi-Phasic Diet




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Our Guarantee Our commitment is to provide you with high-quality education on Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and other Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders that you can bring into your practice. Our mission is to provide quality, professional education on SIBO and related functional gut issues. We continually update our training so that it offers you front-line education on demand.  

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Q: Are the sessions live or prerecorded? A: Each module of the SIBO Fundamentals video training program is prerecorded and released immediately into your SIBODoctor.com membership portal upon successful payment.  

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