You're A Savvy Healthcare Practitioner

✔ You thought your natural medicine training had prepared you to handle any gut case.

✔ You thought you could trust the protocols from supplement companies.

✔ You thought giving antimicrobials would eradicate SIBO.

But SIBO plays by its own rules.


Are you ready to become a SIBO expert?



Dr Allison Siebecker ND

"Dr. Jacobi's lectures are excellent. She blends research, clinical experience, new thinking, and practical application into all of her teaching. I always learn from her and greatly appreciate her contributions to our field of SIBO."


Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND

"Dr. Jacobi is a masterful teacher. Her lecture style is thorough, well organized and always filled with "aha!" concepts and treatments. Her extensive knowledge of small intestine bacterial overgrowth, its diagnosis and natural treatment through botanical medicine and diet is appreciated worldwide. Her contribution to the field by the creation of the Bi-phasic diet in its various versions is a major gift to those suffering from this common malady."

Program Details

The Masterclasses

Deepen your knowledge of methane and hydrogen sulfide SIBO and LIBO

Attain Expert Status

Upon completion of the 3 Steps to SIBO Mastery. you'll be eligible to join our 'Find a SIBO Practitioner' directory and display a 'SIBO Doctor Approved' logo on your website.

Here's Everything You Will Receive


✔ The entire 3-Step SIBO Mastery Program, including all 13 lessons

✔ Instant access to all course materials through your membership portal

✔ One full year of online course access

✔ Certificate of Completion

✔ CPE points (check with your association)

✔ Eligibility to achieve 'SIBO Doctor Approved Practitioner' status




PLUS you'll receive these bonuses

✔ Dr Jacobi's online SIBO Dispensary Guide

✔ All patient handouts as PDFs

✔ Histamine bi-phasic diet

Dr Nirala Jacobi, Host of 'The SIBO Doctor' and author of the 'SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet'

Learn More

The Fundamentals of SIBO

Masterclass 1 - The Treatment of Methane Dominance in SIBO

Masterclass 2 - Hydrogen Sulfide in SIBO and LIBO

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