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Dr Nirala Jacobi, Host of 'The SIBO Doctor' and author of the 'SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet'

Dr Nirala Jacobi, Host of 'The SIBO Doctor' and author of the 'SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet'

Dr Nirala Jacobi is one of Australia’s leading experts in the treatment of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). She has over two decades of experience helping people with digestive disorders at her Biome Clinic.

Dr Jacobi lectures internationally about the assessment and treatment of SIBO, and hosts the popular SIBO Doctor podcast. In 2011 Dr Jacobi founded The SIBO Doctor platform to bring to a wide audience cutting-edge education, tools, and insights into SIBO.

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I Have SIBO - Now What?
Lesson 1 – what is SIBO
  • What is Small intestine bacterial overgrowth?
  • What damage does bacterial overgrowth cause in your gut?
  • How do you test for SIBO?
  • What type of SIBO do you have? This is important to know as it will determine what treatment is best suited for you
  • How to interpret your test results
Lesson 2 – what caused my SIBO.
Something caused your SIBO.
Knowing the cause will help to treat it so it stays gone.
There are 4 categories of causes:
 - Impaired motility
 - Impaired digestion
 - Structural problems with your digestive tract- like adhesions
 - Medications like PPI or Opiates
Lesson 3 – The Bi-Phasic Treatment Protocol
  • The Bi-phasic diet – which one is best for you
  • Why a phased approach has the best treatment outcomes
  • Phase 1 – reduce and repair – reducing fermentable carbohydrates and repairing the gut
  • Phase 2 – Remove and Restore- remove harmful bacteria and restore the motility of the upper gut
  • You’ll get access to my dispensary guide to help you choose the best antimicrobial treatment for your specific type of SIBO
Lesson 4 – Specific Food Intolerances
  • We’ll cover why SIBO often causes food intolerances such as
  • Histamine intolerance, salicylates, oxalates, and sulfur sensitivities
  • What specific symptoms are seen with each food intolerance
  • And what you can do to improve the symptoms of these intolerances
  • Download specific diet handouts that help you get back on track
Lesson 5 – Healing the gut
  • What is leaky gut and why is it so often seen in patients with SIBO
  • What lifestyle changes can you make to help heal your gut
  • How does general toxicity influence how fast you can heal?
  • Besides getting advice on specific supplements, you’ll also learn about home treatments to help you heal
Lesson 6- specific symptom control
  • Whilst all of your digestive symptoms should improve when SIBO is gone, sometimes specific symptoms take a while to resolve
  • You’ll learn about what are the causes bloating besides bacterial fermentation and what you can do to help beat the bloat
  • Many people with a specific type of SIBO suffer from constipation – you’ll learn how to keep things moving with home treatments, herbs, nutrients, breathing exercises and more
  • Reflux and nausea are also addressed in this lesson
Lesson 7 – Calm mind, calm Belly
  • How your nervous system is involved in your digestive function
  • How stress and anxiety as well as past trauma can powerfully affect these functions
  • You’ll learn about the vagus nerve and specific vagal exercises to improve the function of this important nerve as well as calming your nervous system
  • Be guided through a gut specific meditation to help calm your belly nerves
Lesson 8 – How to prevent relapse
  • SIBO is known to be a relapsing condition – in this lesson we address the most common causes of relapse
  • How you can uncover the true underlying cause of your SIBO so it stays gone for good
  • Underlying causes such as motility problems and which prokinetic medications or herbs may be best suited
  • How to identify digestive deficits which can alter how you naturally stay on top of bacterial overgrowth
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