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A Special Invitation To All Practitioners


You are invited to join a dedicated group of practitioners to learn functional gastrointestinal manual assessment skills with Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis and Dr Nirala Jacobi.  

In this specialist course, you will learn about organ mobility, reflex point testing, muscle testing, therapy localization, and lingual-neural testing to check for functional abnormalities and signs of disease in your patients.  

This 6 module online training will help YOU:  

  • Specialise in digestive disorders;
  • Correct a hiatal hernia in 5 minutes;
  • Assess organ function to prioritise your treatment plan
  • Take years off your patient's wait to feel and become well again 
  • Retain patients and increase referral networks by providing unique specialist care.  

"Dr SSL was superb. It was a wonderful forum and something which I believe will improve my ongoing clinical practice." Chloe Turner, Naturopath  

"Eye-opening skills! I cannot wait to use the techniques for my practice." Kazumi Clemura, Naturopath  

"This event has opened my eyes to new ways of assessing GI issues and new techniques to manage them" Nabilah Islam, GP  

"So many wonderful techniques that I will be able to integrate into clinic straight away" Jessie Fayers, TCM & Functional Health  

"I'm really excited about applying what I've learnt with my clients. I know it is going to help me with some difficult to treat clients" Genevieve St-Cyr, Health Coach 

"A MUST for any GI-focused practitioner!" Dr Megan Taylor, ND  

"I utilize these techniques with almost all of my patients and some return just for the manipulation because they receive so much benefit" Dr Crane Holmes , ND

When you sign up for this unique course, you will also get access to special online video training in basic gastroinestinal manual assessment — a perfect supercharge to your training if you are new to the functional gastrointestinal world.  

This course is CPE Approved in Australia and United States.

We’ve got all the course details here for you to check out.  

Yours, Dr Nirala Jacobi 

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In this course, we wil break down the most complex digestive disorders you face in clinic into how to test, assess and what treatments to offer so that you can achieve breakthrough results with your patients.

A Special Training for Naturopathic Practitioners, GPs, MDs and Allied Health Professionals

This training is for YOU if...

  • You want to position yourself as a gut health specialist. Use these specialised techniques and manoeuvres to quickly and effectively assess your patient's digestive complaints.
  • You need a reliable way to assess your patient's digestive complaints in your office. Bypass your patient's narrative and ask the body directly, ‘What’s wrong?’
  • You are looking for a unique skill set to stand out. Take home techniques that will set you apart as a confident and competent digestive disorder specialist.
  • You want to increase your referral revenue and retain clients. Add functional gastrointestinal manual assessment to your toolbox to position yourself as the GIT expert
  • You want to increase your confidence with physical gastrointestinal exam skills. Learn and apply specialised organ, reflex and muscle testing techniques, manual corrections and emotional clearing techniques to quickly move your patients and practice forward.
  • You want to consistently deliver breakthrough health results for your patients. Boost your expertise with tools that will reliably pinpoint the source of illness in your patients.
  • Your treatment plans are not working. Learn specialised gastrointestinal tools to navigate the increasing complexity of digestive disorders frequenting your practice.

Stand out from the crowd. Bring useful physical gastrointestinal assessment and correction techniques into your practice. 

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Here's what you will learn in this training...


The Full Functional Gastrointestinal Physical Exam

Learn Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis' go-to physical exam process that he uses in clinic with his patients. This evaluation includes tests for organ mobility, reflex point testing, muscle testing, therapy localisation and lingual-neural testing. Learn how to conduct this thorough examination across your patient's mouth, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, small intestine, large intestine and rectum to gain a clear picture of gastrointestinal abnormalities or signs of disease.


Top Gastrointestinal Reflex Points

Learn quick and easy gastrointestinal Chapman’s, Bennett’s and Riddler’s reflexes to assess for digestive organ restriction and abnormalities, as well as digestive deficiencies such as hypochlorhydria and enzyme deficiencies. The use and interpretation of these gastrointestinal reflex points is extremely helpful in clinical practice to help you confidently prescribe the right treatment protocol, adjunct laboratory tests and supplement support.

Hiatal Hernia


Hiatal Hernia Syndrome

Upward of 40% of the American population suffer sliding hiatal hernia and syndrome. This digestive disorder is a big deal. Learn the difference between a true sliding hiatal hernia and hiatal hernia syndrome and how to manually assess and correct a hiatal hernia and diaphragmatic tension to relieve epigastric pain, SOB and GORD/GERD. Using this fascial release technique, you can resolve your patient's epigastric pain within minutes - in your clinic. Save your patient years of unresolved symptoms with this simple, but often overlooked, assessment and correction technique.

Physical Exam


Techniques for Assessing Organ Function

Here we cover how to easily assess deeper gastrointestinal organ function with special kinesiology skills. This module is delivered in two parts because we cover assessment of all abdominal organs, including stomach, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and colon. Learn how to identify a 'defacilitated' muscle response for an organ and cross-examine your assessment with therapy localisation. These techniques aid in pinpointing the problem in your patient, prioritising your treatment plan and will help you take the guesswork out of your prescriptions and treatment protocols.


Ileocecal Valve Syndrome

As the connecting point of the small and large intestine, the ileocecal valve (ICV) is an under-appreciated structure. Chronic ICV problems can be the hidden cause to abdominal pain, SIBO and constipation. This important technique is a core competency procedure of this course. You will learn how to manually assess the ileocecal valve, correct open or closed valves, and give your patients relief from chronic ICV conditions.


Removing Obstacles to Healing in Your Patients

Chronic digestive disorders often have a deep-seated emotional component that can affect the enteric nervous system. This is sometimes evident in a patient's emotional state or stress level, but how do you assess for hidden trauma and emotional patterns that are holding a patient's recovery back? This module covers how to quickly assess for trauma affecting digestive disorders using kinesiology. Learn how to then clear emotional contributions using specialised emotional freedom and eye-clearing techniques to bring lasting resolution to your patient's digestive complaints (and happiness). 


Adrenal and Thyroid Kinesiology

Adrenal and thyroid dysfunction often play a pivotal role in digestive disorders as well as systemic symptoms. With these kinesiology assessment skills you can quickly and easily assess your patients adrenal and thyroid function in office.

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Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis ND, DHANP Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis has been a professor at NUNM since 1985, focusing on gastroenterology and gut associated physical medicine. Within gastroenterology, he has special interest and expertise in inflammatory bowel disease (including microscopic colitis), irritable bowel syndrome (including post-infectious IBS), Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), hiatal hernia, gastroesophageal and bile reflux (GERD), biliary dyskinesia, and chronic states of nausea and vomiting. He is the author of the medical textbook Functional Gastroenterology: Assessing and Addressing the Causes of Functional Digestive Disorders (now in its second edition). 


Dr Nirala Jacobi (USA), BHSc ND Dr Nirala Jacobi graduated from Bastyr University in 1998 with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. Nirala is considered one of Australia’s leading experts in the treatment of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), a common cause of IBS. She is the medical director for SIBOtest, an online testing service for practitioners. She is so passionate about educating practitioners that she founded “The SIBO Doctor”, an online professional education platform. She lectures nationally and internationally about the assessment and treatment of SIBO and is the host of the popular podcast The SIBO Doctor podcast for practitioners. 

Become a gut health specialist

Why This Course is for YOU...

  • Take your specialty to a whole new level in Gastroinestinal Health. This is a unique, doctorate level skill set that can only be delivered when the patient comes to you.
  • Use these skills to set yourself apart and fill your waiting room. Become the gut health expert your patients are looking for and build a thriving practice of people that trust your ability to deliver. 
  • Increase your referral net and retain clients. Maintaining your professional profile is important. You can use these skills to position yourself as the gastrointestinal expert.
  • Solve complex gut issues. Are your patients' digestive complaints becoming more complicated? This course will give you unique in-office skills to pinpoint the source of illness and prioritise an effective treatment plan. It will literally save you and your patients years.
  • Provide more confident and complete diagnostics. Are you frustrated or confused as to why some of your patients are not improving? Learn and apply skills that put you a step ahead and will move your patients and practice forward.


Mastering unique gastrointestinal assessment and treatment skills for gut disorders with Author and Professor, Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis.

6 Module Online Course | CPE | Doctorate Level Learning

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Here's What You'll Get in This Training...

1. 6 Module Online Course to master gastrointestinal manual assessment skills for functional gut disorders with Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis 

Over 8 hours of lectures and practical demonstrations giving you detailed and specific descriptions of techniques to assess, pinpoint and prioritise treatment for functional gut disorders in your clinic.

2. Physical Exam Technique Quick Review Videos  

We went to extra effort to film quick reviews of the technique demonstrations in a private setting so that you get fast, precise and up-close views of the assessment and treatment manoeuvres. Watch the Module, then use the Quick Review Video to get your technique right. 

3. Downloadable Transcripts and Lecture Notes  

Notes and lesson content from EVERY lecture and practical demonstration will be available for download as a PDF. These PDFs are an amazing resource and reference guide which you can print or view on your computer or device. 

4. Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis' Go-To Assessment Charts and Checklist  

Get Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis' personal assessment reference charts, handouts and patient integrated physical exam checklist to start using the techniques in your clinic immediately.

5. Certificate of Course Mastery  

Instill confidence in your patients and peers with a Certificate of Course Mastery for the Functional Gastrointestinal Practicum training course. Proudly display the Certificate on your SIBO Doctor education profile so patients can verify your expertise.

PLUS Receive These Special Bonuses

BONUS #1 Basic Gastrointestinal Exam Skills with Dr Nirala Jacobi 

30-minute video to bring you up-to-speed with basic functional gastrointestinal physical exam skills. If you’re new to gastrointestinal exam skills, or need a refresher before you start the course modules, this video training will help you to make the most of the training.

BONUS #2 Adrenal and Thyroid Kinesiology 

We captured additional Demonstration and Quick Review Videos of kinesiology techniques for adrenal and thyroid issues with Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis. You may find that adrenal and thyroid issues are common in your gut disorder patients - so with these techniques you can now take your assessment that one step further for breakthrough results.

BONUS #3 Continuing Professional Education Points  

Complete this course and earn Continuing Professional Education Points for a minimum of 8.5 hours online training. This course has been certified for CPE with American Association OBNM and Australian Associations NHAA, ANTA & ANPA. Please check with your association directly if it is not listed here.

Our Offer to YOU

Here's Everything You Will Recieve in this Course...

  • 6 module online course, 'Functional Gastrointestinal Practicum, with over 8 hours of content from Author and Professor, Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis [value $1197]
  • Physical exam technique quick review videos for fast, precise and up-close views of the assessment and treatment techniques [value $598]
  • Transcripts and summaries of every lesson in PDF format [value $300]
  • Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis' reference charts and checklists for physical exam techniques [value $65]
  • Certificate of Course Mastery to verify your new skills and knowledge as part of a global network of SIBO-treating practitoners

PLUS You'll Receive These Special Bonuses

  • BONUS #1 Basic Gastrointestinal Exam Skills Training Video presented by Dr Nirala Jacobi so you can make the most of the training [value $200].
  • BONUS #2 Adrenal and thyroid kinesiology assessment technique videos, for an extra special skill set to add to your practice [value $97].
  • BONUS #3 Continuing Professional Education Points. This course has been certified for CPE with NHAA, ANTA, ANPA and US Association OBNM.

$797 $397


What Practitioners said about this course

'I'm really excited about applying what I've learnt with my clients. I know it is going to help me with some difficult to treat clients' Genevieve St-Cyr, Health Coach

'I found this training extremely valuable. I will be using it on clients immediately' Cameron Stirling, Naturopath

'Indispensable. Irreplaceable. Very pragmatic and great value for money' Kokhua Kang, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

 'A gamechanger for doctors, especially the Hiatal Hernia Syndrome' Dr Sanjee Xavier, Integrative Doctor