Dr Iggy Soosay SIBO Summit 2016

“More than 50% of my IBS patients have SIBO!” – Dr Iggy Soosay


We’re pleased Dr Iggy Soosay will be joining The SIBO Summit in Melbourne next month to share SIBO case insights drawn from his 30+ years in nutritional and herbal medicine.

Dr Soosay of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine joined Dr Nirala Jacobi to talk about the common sources of SIBO, why SIBO is often a chronic relapsing condition, how he uses specific antibiotics, and why SIBO is still largely unrecognised by most GPs and other health care practitioners today.

Dr Soosay is a founding board member of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine and Chairman, and was a senior lecturer for over 15 years, taught at the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine at Swinburne University and Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine and Journals of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

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