Dr Hawrelak

The Prebiotic & Probiotic Controversy

Dr Hawrelak SIBO Summit 2016

Do we use prebiotics and probiotics in SIBO management?

Dr Jason Hawrelak, world-renowned gastrointestinal health researcher, educator, clinician, and gut microbiota expert (founder and head of research at Probiotic Advisor), joined us at the SIBO Summit to discuss this controversial topic.


  • Are they effective
  • Are they ineffective?
  • Do they make SIBO worse?


In his talk, Dr Hawrelak highlights

  • The Prebiotic & Probiotic Controversy – do we or don’t we use this therapy in SIBO treatment?
  • Study analyses and exciting insights, such as there a 700% increase in SIBO risk for people taking Proton Pump Inhibitors.
  • Strain-specific probiotic use and the potential for amelioration of SIBO symptoms.
  • The range of probiotic actions, and how probiotics can help resolve SIBO.  For (a very brief) example, some stimulate the MMC, help heal leaky gut, have selective antimicrobial action, decrease intestinal inflammation, reduce visceral hypersensitivity, and enhance secretory IgA production.

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