SIBO and the Lymphatic System - Dr Ginger Nash

SIBO and the Lymphatic System with Dr Ginger Nash – Part 1

In today’s episode, Dr Nirala Jacobi is in conversation with Dr Ginger Nash about the importance of lymphatics.

Dr Nash graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1998 and has been 20 years in clinical practice doing excellent work in women’s health. She uses natural hormone balancing techniques without the use of hormone replacement. Dr Nash also uses complex homoeopathy, herbal medicine and nutrigenomics.  Dr Nash has been a professor at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine Clinic for six years and has taught seminars for other health care professionals throughout the US and Canada.  Dr Nash is a sought-after speaker and has recently launched an online health program for women called Feminology.

Topics discussed include

  • The importance of the lymphatic system
    • Lymphatic system serves as the entry point for all the dietary lipids, which are taken up by the enterocytes (epithelial cells of the intestines) and the whole mesentery – the lymphatic support system that surrounds the small intestines.
    • There is an intricate relationship between the lymphatic system and the gut.
  • What is Dr Nash always considering when she starts treatment with a new patient and for continued patient care?
  • If our lymphatic system stopped flowing we would die within a few hours.
  • Lymphatic testing as part of initial workup.
  • Key lymphatic tissue areas to inspect.
  • The connections between lymphatic health and hormones.
  • Miasmatic approach – what is it?
  • Medicines and considerations to work on drainage, normalising, and detoxifying the emunctories.
    • Reckeweg medicines
    • Organ system approach
    • Terrain approach
    • Considering miasmatic influences
  • What medicines are suggested to start with for sensitive patients?
  • What identifying symptoms or factors would alert the practitioner to look to the support the lymphatics in particular?
  • Essential roles of the lymphatic system
    • Immune system
      • Moving immunoglobulins and white blood cells around the body
    • Detoxification
      • Eliminating toxins from the body
    • Help the body to eliminate FIRST before doing more pointed detoxification protocols and medicines.
    • People with massive reactions to detoxification and the link to an overloaded lymphatic system.
    • Chronic digestive disorders
      • How is the enteric nervous system connected with both the lymphatic system and immune system, and how do infections impact them all?
    • Scars or taught sections of the body and how this impacts on lymphatic flow.
    • The link between constipation, SIBO, the lymphatics, and reactivity.
    • Home treatments to help move the lymph.
    • How to consider the lymph before doing large detox treatments.
    • Far infrared sauna and Swedish sauna protocols.
    • The 4 Miasms explained.
    • The importance of the fascia in controlling the whole body.
    • Lymphatics and brain health.
    • Insights into homoeopathy.
    • Herbal remedies to stimulate and cleanse the lymphatics.
    • Extracellular matrix
      • Fluid outside of the cell – how to think of it in relation to the lymphatics and nutrient uptake into cells.
    • Ginger Nash’s clinical pearls.




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