A generous podcast.

“Dr Jacobi’s podcast is excellent. As a practitioner, I gain so much insight into SIBO that can be immediately applied to my patients. It’s easy enough to understand even for those who may not have a healthcare background but are suffering with SIBO and looking for relief. Thank you for offering this precious resource. I recently came across the vegetarian bi-phasic diet podcast and was very grateful for the free download of the diet. Thank you Dr Jacobi & Anne Criner for making it available.”

Global leader in SIBO and GI disorders.

“Dr Jacobi goes above and beyond in everything she does. Prepare to learn!”

Fantastic wealth of information!!

“As a SIBO sufferer and healthcare professional, these podcasts have been instrumental for me to truly understand the pathophysiology of SIBO and all the complexities that must be considered for patient specific treatment. Thank you for highlighting this frustrating and widely problematic disease state!”

Essential listening!

“This podcast is essential listening for any practitioner treating chronic disease and GI issues. Dr. Jacobi is incredibly knowledgeable and her guests are the leaders in the field of natural medicine and research about the gut. There’s a great combination of theory and practical information. Thank you, SIBO doctor!”


“I’m a SIBO sufferer, and I have learned so much from these podcasts. I have good questions to ask my practitioners and they too listen to this podcast! So valuable in the restoration of my health. Thank you so much Nirala for sharing this valuable info. You are truly making a difference in many lives. God bless you!!”

Great information!

“Such helpful information. Amazing guests with incredible knowledge.”

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