Mold: The Hidden Menace with Dr Jill Crista - Part 2

Are you missing Mold illness in your patients?


Part 2 of my chat with Dr. Jill Crista, bestselling author of the book, Break The Mold and a new practitioner training course [ visit course page ].  She's a mold expert and nationally recognized health educator on neuro inflammatory conditions such as mold and mycotoxins. Her passion is improving health through education and bridging gaps between medical research and clinical practice. She writes books and offers online courses, and we'll be talking about that today because I stumbled across Dr. Crista on Instagram. Yeah, I saw these little videos that kept popping up of her giving mold advice of how to reduce mold exposure.

Dr Crista's Mold Training Course for Medical Practitioners

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The pressing issue of mold toxicity for those in recurrently flooding regions finds itself center stage with guest Dr. Jill Crista, a renowned expert in mold.

With climate change in full effect, more people being exposed to damp conditions and the consequential mold problems, post-flooding. Mold isn’t the only problem within water-damaged buildings. Other harmful bacterial species, which can disrupt gut flora - contributing to SIBO - and agitate the nervous system, can also thrive in such conditions. Rapid, and thorough, remediation is the key to controlling these potentially harmful microbes.

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