SIBO MasterClass

SIBO MasterClass

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Presented by Dr Nirala Jacobi ND, this four-part series is intended for the SIBO practitioner to hone and advance your case management skills.


MasterClass Session 1

Length: 90 minutes

Review of SIBO testing –Bi-Phasic Diet and basic case management – Elemental Diet – Additional Lab tests to consider

MasterClass Session 3

Length: 70 minutesComplexity: Standard

Advanced GIT concepts in SIBO – Histamine, sulfites, salicylates – Balance the Terrain: Acid/Base – SIBO-C: retraining a sluggish colon – Case review

MasterClass Session 4

Length: 70 minutesComplexity: Standard

Methylation and Genomic influences – Biofilms – External support of your patient