Professional Questions Answered with Dr Nirala Jacobi

In this episode, Dr Nirala Jacobi is in conversation with Carly Woods, recent Naturopathic graduate. Here, Dr Jacobi addresses common SIBO questions and invites listeners to join the discussion.

Topics covered include:

– Dr Jacobi’s motivation behind starting the podcast, The SIBO Doctor.
– The gut and its role in the health of the body as a whole.
– SIBO and how it can cause leaky gut.
– Explaining zonulin and its role in maintaining gastrointestinal integrity.
– The autoimmune aspect of SIBO.
– Cytolethal distending toxin B and how it is implicated in vinculin destruction, compromising the migrating motor complex.
– Adhesions and the role of visceral manipulation in SIBO treatment.
– Dr Jacobi’s Bi-Phasic Diet and how to integrate methodical SIBO treatment.
– Herbs and nutrients that Dr Jacobi’s recommends for gut healing and SIBO treatment.
– A look into the different types of bacteria that are involved in SIBO development.
-Conventional SIBO treatment and Rifaximin use.
Nutrients, herbs, and conventional medicines used to encourage the Migrating Motor Complex, and when to use them.
– The effects of modern civilisation on gut microbiome health and systemic well-being and ways to diversify flora.

We love connecting with practitioners and collaboratively navigating the complexities of SIBO.

If you’d like your question to be featured on the show, we invite you to email your question to Carly.

Thanks for listening, and don’t miss our second episode – an interview with the “SIBO Queen” – Dr Allison Siebecker.

The SIBO Doctor podcast crew


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