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SIBO and Hydrogen Sulfide with Dr Greg Nigh

Recently Dr Nigh and Dr Jacobi both presented at the SIBO SOS Summit.  Dr Jacobi loved Dr Nigh’s talk on hydrogen sulfide and has invited him on the show to discuss sulfur metabolism and his unique ideas about hydrogen sulfide and sulfur imbalances.

Dr Greg Nigh co-founded the Immersion Health Centre in 2014 after completing the Naturopathic Doctor program, and the Master of Science and Oriental Medicine Program.  During his early years of work, he developed his interest and passion for researching and implementing alternative cancer therapies.  Dr Nigh has spoken several times at the annual convention of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the National Conference of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians on cancer cell metabolism.  Dr Nigh is a prolific reader, researcher, and writer and has also contributed a chapter to the upcoming two-volume Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine textbook.


Dr. Greg Nigh

Topics discussed include:

  • How did Dr Nigh come to specialise in sulfur?
  • All about sulfur metabolism.
  • Sulfur chelates so well that it can get bound up in our bodies with toxic things.
  • The GAPS diet, how it has high sulfur content, and why some patients may not feel well on the GAPS diet.
  • Sulfur issues as the ‘canary in the coalmine’ of toxicity issues in general.
  • How the demand for sulfur is higher due to increased exposure to pollutants in modern life, and the impact this has on sulfur binding throughout the body and not just in phase 2 liver detoxification.
  • How does endogenous sulfur processing, and sulfur production and reduction by certain gut bacteria, connect?
  • Sulfur exposure is all dietary and is metabolised to sulfate in the body.
  • Sulfate is required in the body in a constant supply, and sometimes the metabolism of sulfur to sulfate is hindered.
  • Heparan sulfate - every surface is in the body is lined with this.
  • Elements that sulfur is used to build in the body.
  • The primary, and alternative, pathway/s of sulfate production.
  • Cystathionine beta-synthase (CBS) pathway, what it generates (hydrogen sulfide)
  • PAPS - the activated form of sulfate, and the pathways the body uses to get it.
  • When people are reactive to sulfur or sulfur containing foods or thiols, they are not having an efficient process that ends up in PAPS - what are they reacting to in the pathway?
  • If people cannot get the end product PAPS, then people can overgrow the sulfur-fixing bacteria so that they produce higher levels of hydrogen sulfide and sulfide, which can be directly oxidised into sulfate by the mitochondria in the body.
  • Dr Nigh’s view is that the overgrowth of hydrogen sulfide bacteria can be seen as an adaptive overgrowth.
  • How to reduce desulfovibrio with diet.
  • Reasons why sulfate production can be shut down, one being glyphosate - a direct hit to sulfate production in the body, chelation of minerals that are needed for sulfur production, interference of specific amino acids involved in the sulfur cycle, and more.
  • The impact of glyphosate on the sulfur production in the body is profound.
  • Glyphosate - a toxic herbicide, the active ingredient in Roundup.
    • Glyphosate chelates molybdenum.
    • We need tiny amounts of it, and if we only need tiny amounts it does not take much to chelate and use it up.
  • Dr Nigh’s view on testing.
  • Patient symptom red flags that point to sulfur issues, for example:
    • Hydrogen sulfide is a vasodilator, so has links to orthostatic hypotension.
    • Any gut issues - warrants sulfur issue suspicion.
    • Alcohol sensitivity
    • Red, hot presentation
    • Brain fog
  • Histamine and sulfur overlap.
  • Histamine issue symptoms.
  • Dr Nigh’s protocols for enhancing sulfate production from sulfide.
    • Taking the patient off sulfur foods for a week then gradual reintroduction.
    • Detoxification protocols
      • Infrared sauna
    • Molybdenum supplementation
      • Biotics Mo-Zyme Forte - food-based tablet based on sprouted lentils
      • 150mcg molybdenum
      • Tablet chewed 2 times per day
    • For those with bloating or gut issues
      • Biotics
      • Bio HPF - bismuth, demulcents, and others.
        • Bismuth reduces hydrogen sulfide production in the gut.
      • Butyrate
        • The most underrated gut nutrient that there is.
        • Biotics
          • Butyric-Cal-Mag
        • Apax EnteroVite
      • Digestive enzyme
      • Hydroxocobalamin injections or sublingually to lower hydrogen sulfide in the blood.
      • Zinc acetate as a binder for hydrogen sulfide
        • Glyphosate strongly chelates zinc.
      • Detox support, coffee enemas, colonics, Epsom salt baths (magnesium sulfate) - increasing sulfate transdermally, adrenal support if indicated
      • Epsom salts (4 cups per bath) - a way to get sulfate in without the reactivity of digestion.
        • Sensory deprivation tank option.
      • Dr Yarnell’s low sulfur diet
      • Thiols and Dr Nigh’s opinion on their reactivity for people.
      • Red meat is the highest dietary source of sulfur and yet does not seem to have many people reacting to it, whereas garlic does. Why is this?
      • Foods to watch - eggs, onion, kale, garlic, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, brassica family.
      • Kale accumulates the heavy metal thallium (from waste-water used for crops).
      • Do Allicin extracts still elicit issues in people with sulfur issues?
      • Highly important to include any sulfur food items that are tolerated for the sulfur content (required by the body).
      • Dr Nigh’s sulfur protocol and his success with SIBO patients.
      • What is the connection between Dr Nigh’s success with methane dominant SIBO clients and the sulfur protocol?
        • How might glyphosate toxicity play into this?
      • Methanobrevibacter smithii - not a pathogen, why?
      • SIBO bacteria - why do we only grow certain bacteria?
      • Dr Nigh’s sulfur metabolism nuggets.


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