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Dr Eric Yarnell

Herbal medicine specialist Dr Eric Yarnell

In today’s episode, Dr Nirala Jacobi is in conversation with gastroenterology and herbal medicine specialist, Dr Eric Yarnell.

Dr Yarnell graduated from Bastyr University in 1996.  He served as a senior and associate editor of the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, he was a founding member and former president of Botanical Medicine Academy in Seattle, and he is also the president of Heron Botanicals - a herbal pharmacy providing hand-crafted whole plant extracts exclusively to healthcare providers, he is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, and is the author of numerous texts and articles.  Dr Yarnell wrote the Natural Approach to Gastroenterology, which Dr Jacobi often uses as a clinical reference, and he is also a urology and men’s health specialist.

Topics Discussed

Dr. Eric Yarnell


  • How did Dr Yarnell’s love of herbal medicine develop?
  • Hydrogen dominant and methane dominant SIBO and their herbal recommendations by Dr Nirala Jacobi, such as:
    • Berberine-containing herbs as effective for hydrogen dominant SIBO.
    • Allicin (garlic extract), oregano oil as effective for methane dominance.
      • Product = Allimax Allimed Ultra
    • Dr Yarnell’s antimicrobial herb recommendations:
      • Berberine-containing herbs
        • Berberine complex (whole plant) 2 caps tds for 1 month minimum
      • Essential oils
        • Enteric coated oregano oil
        • Red thyme essential oil
        • Cinnamon oil
        • Rosemary essential oil
        • Peppermint oil - enteric coated peppermint oil, or drops, or within a tincture.
          • Protocol being to rotate each oil weekly for a program of 1 month
        • Combine treatment with lactoferrin 250mg tds
      • How long do you treat SIBO for?
      • Dr Yarnell’s opinion on garlic.
      • The safety of botanicals.
      • The art of mixing tinctures - how does Dr Yarnell concoct his tinctures?
      • The varying species of the Artemisia genus.
      • Do we have proof that bitters are prokinetics?
      • Dr Yarnell’s favourite bitters (artemisia genus) and his other top contenders.
      • Herbs for leaky gut.
        • For leaky gut - aloe gel. Dose = 60mL bd (measured before adding any water)
        • Tips for aloe gel compliance.
        • Airing concerns with mucilaginous substances due to the theory of polysaccharides feeding bacteria that the practitioner may be trying to kill.
      • How to increase low secretory IgA.
        • Lactoferrin
        • Smilax
      • Dr Yarnell’s SIBO treatment sequence.
      • Dr Jacobi’s testing recommendation - Genova GI Effects test for PCR analysis of a section of the microbiome rather than just a culture.
      • How to gauge when to use a water fast for inflammation.
      • Elemental diets and challenge diets and ideas on when to integrate into treatments.
      • Crohn’s patients and saccharomyces cerevisiae/boulardii reactivity.
      • Anti-inflammatory herbs that Dr Yarnell uses
        • Glycyrrhiza and its incredible variety of applications (the safety also discussed)
        • Achillea
        • Populus balsamifera
        • Larrea tridentata
      • Herbal combinations for inflammation
        • Glycyrrhiza and zingiber
      • Dr Yarnell’s thoughts on interstitial cystitis - associated SIBO condition - and his favourite herbs for treatment.
        • Piper methysticum - for relief of pelvic pain.
        • Pedicularis bracteosa - for relief of pelvic pain.
        • Eryngium yuccifolium - inflammation relieving for genitals and urinary tract
      • Dr Yarnell’s low sulfur diet (featured in his book, Natural Approach to Gastroenterology)
      • What approaches does Dr Yarnell have to hydrogen sulfide?
        • Sulfur metabolising microbes - desulfovibrio - and the byproduct of the use of sulfur.
        • The positive use of hydrogen sulfide as a neurotransmitter.
        • The negative effects as a dysmotility agent, and as a killer of colon epithelial cells.
        • A list of foods that sulfur is found in, and the diet suggestion for hydrogen sulfide dominant patients.
        • High fat diets, therefore high bile diets, and the link to desulfovibrio.
      • Dr Yarnell’s herbal picks for constipation
        • For bitter and antimicrobial actions - artemisia, andrographis, anemopsis.




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