About Us

Practitioner education and collaboration is our vision.


SIBO is a condition with multiple causes and contributing factors. Leaky gut, environmental toxins, motility issues, as well as genetic factors, adhesions, and dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system are examples of these factors.

The effective treatment of SIBO often requires the practitioner to understand and integrate a model of interrelated systems. SIBO may just be one issue in a patient’s overall case – how can we as practitioners understand and prioritise a patient’s treatment appropriately?

The overarching aim is to be a reservoir of inspirational content to practitioners of integrative medicine. A place they turn to for new insights, tools and confidence to embrace new paradigms of healing by blending the best of science, and tradition for optimal patient outcomes.

The Podcast and the website, together with the social media platforms we hope to cultivate and connect a community of health professionals with the best available information to make sound therapeutic decisions.

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